About Counselling and Psychotherapy

To take the step of ringing for an appointment for an initial session of therapy can feel difficult, so I hope the following information will help you with this decision. I would also be happy to talk to you about the service I offer.

I believe that counselling and psychotherapy can help you to make changes that can improve your life and help you to fulfil your potential.

Counselling can help with issues such as:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Loss and Bereavement
• Relationship Difficulties
• Low self esteem and lack of confidence
• Problems arising from being a survivor of abuse
• Major life changes
• Personal Development
• Issues of body image and sexuality
• Support during health problems
• Stress
• Work related problems

Counselling sessions provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment with a non-judgemental therapist – a place where you can talk about your problems, difficult feelings and reactions to life.
By exploring in this way you can use your inner strengths and resources in order to cope more effectively with life and develop insights into your problems that enable you to make changes.

There are many different reasons why people choose to go into therapy. You may understand what is troubling you or you may just be experiencing a feeling that things are not quite right and you would like to make changes to your life.
For example some people seek help when they have specific problems and others may just feel they need space to talk in order to uncover what is making them anxious and unhappy.

The process of counselling / psychotherapy offers you space and time in which you can work with the therapist to identify what is worrying you and then help you to make changes that will ultimately make a difference to your life.

Although I cannot guarantee that counselling / psychotherapy can help you, I am aware from my experience as a therapist that most people find this support very helpful. The initial session can help you to make up you mind about whether you think therapy would be helpful and enable you to see if you feel comfortable working with the therapist.

The number of sessions you need is agreed between you and the therapist. You may feel after a few sessions that you have achieved what you would like to achieve or you may wish to continue to explore things in depth for a longer period of time

Whatever happens you decide when you wish to finish therapy.